Dr. cyrille galinand


Photo de Cyrille Galinand

Cyrille Galinand is an associate researcher with the CNRS team “Trajectoires, de la sedentarisation à l’état”, UMR 8215 and the “Environmental Archaeologies” team, UMR 7041.
Specialising in the early days of metallurgy in France and exchange networks, he works on metal objects deposition at the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as on cartographic and photogrammetric reproductions of the ancient city of Argentomagus (Indre).
His research work has led him to develop various skills in methods of data acquisition and analysis in archaeology:

  • Design and analysis of relational databases
  • Statistical and spatial representation of data (GIS)
  • Photography applied to archaeology
  • Photogrammetry: setting up of data acquisition protocols and 3D surveys (from the artifact to the excavation site)
  • Recovery and retention of old digital data