hélène david-cuny


photo de Hélène David-Cuny

Hélène David-Cuny is an  archaeologist and scientific illustrator, she is an associate researcher at CEFAS. A former draughtswoman at IFPO and a regular member of numerous French and foreign archaeological missions, her field work has taken her to most of the countries of the Near East and the Arabian Peninsula, as well as Sudan, Pakistan and Vietnam. As a graphic designer she participates in numerous publications and museum exhibitions. She conducts training courses in drawing and archaeological photography with French and foreign scientific institutions and universities (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait).
Parallel to her research on soft stone vases and seals in the Gulf region, the questions encountered in the field while drawing and photographing artefacts on sites of all periods, and studying museum collections, led her to question the adaptation of scientific illustration to the researcher’s discourse. In various archaeological and environmental contexts, each mission is a new field of experimentation in whichmethods and techniques of graphic documentation can be developed in order to produce a fully-fledged analytical instrument, making the best use of new digital technologies.
Her areas of expertise include drawing, photography and image processing (DAO), cartography, and publishing layout (PAO).