Heritage protection

Archaïos is also involved in the development of new tools for archaeological research and heritage conservation. We are working on the implementation of 3D tools that will make it possible to cross different kinds of information during excavation or conservation of an important archaeological site that we would like to promote. The combination of a database integrated into a 3D model will make it possible, depending on the case, to query the stratigraphy directly, or for example, in the context of an exhibition, to propose information on architectural elements. The objective is therefore to propose an innovative research and promotion tool that allows to query data from volume elements.

Conservation and promotion

In a continuity approach with its excavation work, Archaïos considers the conservation and enhancement of archaeological sites with high attractiveness. We are considering both the protection of sites, the sustainable development of the regions studied and the economic potential of heritage for emerging countries.

Archaeology in times of conflict

Research by Archaios is also involved in following global events, and in innovation. Concerning damaged archaeological sites we are developing three aspects: the follow-up of endangered archaeological sites,  destruction as a study field in contemporary archaeology, and the establishment of specific excavation methods for damaged archaeological sites

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