Archaeologist - Data management Team Supervisor

TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT : Permanent contract
EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND : Master or PhD in Archaeology, specialized in Data management (minimum 5 years of professionally-oriented experience abroad)
SALARY : based on experience
TO APPLY : Please send a CV and a cover letter of 1000 words max. before September, 1st, 2021 via email with « MuDUD Candidacy – GIS Administrator Position » as the object of the email to these 4 addresses:,,,

In order to evaluate your experience and abilities you are invited to join a field report and/or an article representative of your work.

As part of the « Multiscalar Documentation for Urban Dynamics – Historical Investigation of Al-Ula Old
Town » or MuDUD project, coordinated and funded by AFALULA (Agence française pour le développement
d’AlUla) in partnership with the RCU (Royal Commission for AlUla), Archaïos is recruiting an archaeologist for
the supervision of Data Management team, for the study the Old Town of AlUla, in northwestern Saudi Arabia.

As a multi-year project implemented by Archaïos in early 2021, the MuDUD Project wishes, through a
multidisciplinary approach, to apprehend the history of the Old Town of AlUla.

Working within an international team of experts, the Head of the ‘Data Management’ Research Department is under the leadership of Dr. Apolline
Vernet, the MuDUD Project Director, and in collaboration with the Project Manager.
The Head of the Data Management Team will be asked to come to AlUla Old Town (Saudi Arabia) several
times a year for 2-months field missions. Between each mission, they will be working either in Paris, at the
Archaïos office, or remotely, depending on their place of residence.


The head of the Data Management team shall be responsible for the tasks that rest on the team itself.
These are:
• Recording of all project data:
– Excavations data control (stratigraphic recording sheets co-development, artifact recording,
control of photographs, excavations areas recording).
– Building archaeology data control (recording forms for the stratigraphic building units codevelopment,
production of orthophotographs).
• Setting up and management of the project database.
• GIS management and maps production.
• Topographic and photogrammetric recording.
• Training of the project members in the different tools and analyses.

Along with the team tasks, the team leader has the following responsibilities:
• Setting up and management of the database, development of the conceptual data model.
• In charge of the data management plan (DMP) in collaboration with Archaïos policy and its data
• GIS management.
• Knowledge of format standards for data archiving.
• Project software management, preference for open source software and formats.
• Proposal force for innovations: new data acquisition and processing techniques.
• Participation in the development of the scientific focus of the project.
• Supervision of the computer infrastructure – NAS maintenance.
• Prepare and write, in English, regular reports of the activities in the field
• Demonstrate scientific rigor in the field reports, written in English
• Participate in the publication of the annual reports

These tasks (team scale and personal) involve skills for the team management:
• Data management team supervision.
• Data supervision : recordings, storage devices, archives.
• Equipment management : metronomy, imaging and data capture.
• Drawing the layouts of scientific data entry forms according to the needs of the project’s teams.
• Collection of the different data and formats from the project’s teams (text, photographs, geospatial
information, 3D).
• Maps production.
• Spatial data exploitation and analysis.
• Planning and supervision of topographic recording.
• Planning and supervision of photogrammetric recording – building fronts and excavation surfaces.
• Planning and Supervision of Orthophotographs production.
• 3D models production from photogrammetry, including artifacts.
• Sharing of the data to the different members of the project, according to their requests.
• Data transfer to the RCU and formats conversions to the needs of the clients, in agreement with the
project manager.
• Connection with the other teams of the different Archaïos projects..


The Head of the ‘Data Management’ Research Department will actively participate in the smooth running of the MuDUD project as a whole, through true collegiality.

Required Knowledge:
• SQL and R languages
• Statistical analysis
• Data modeling (3D and statistical)
• Archaeological excavations, building surveys and material culture
• Knowledge of different geographic data formats and projections

The Head of the ‘Data Management’ Team must also have the following qualities:
• Resiliency
• Good adaptability to fieldwork in difficult climate conditions (hot and arid)
• Capability to anticipate needs
• Capability to work in urgency and under tight deadlines when the situation arises
• Good at prioritizing tasks
• Diplomacy and discretion
• Resourcefulness and versatility
• Flexibility
• Knowing how to keep it cool in all circumstances, and being resistant to stress
• Being able to work in an intercultural environment
• Being fluent in English (spoken and written)
• Knowing and speaking a little Arabic would be a real plus
• International Driver’s license (desired)

Vue de la vieille ville d'AlUla