Archaeological Map of Afghanistan


Archaeological Map


Last quarter 2017

In 2014 Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani placed a request to the French Government through the Délégation archéologique française en Afghanistan (DAFA), for an archaeological map of the whole country. The purpose of themap is to list archaeological sites and historic monuments together with their precise location, and to facilitate the study and preservation of the sites. The map, produced by means of a geographical information system (GIS), will also serve as a base for decision-making and development aid for town planning, road construction, building and mining operations.

In 2017 DAFA requested Archaios’ help to complete the archaeological map project. Archaios is creating in this context a geographical information system documenting the archaeological sites of Afghanistan from the Prehistory to the Islamic period, using the DAFA archives as well as photo and map interpretation of modern and ancient aerial and satellite images.


Project Director :
Julio Bendezu-Sarmiento (Directeur de la DAFA)
Project Manager :
Dr. Jessica Giraud ( Archaïos)
Mathilde Mura (Archaïos)

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