Training Courses / Photogrammetry



Photogrammetry is a widely used technique for 3D recording with pictures, increasingly adopted within archaeological projects. Archaïos is training archaeologists to the needed skills for the production of a correct 3D model, sound for scientific exploitation or wide audience publication.
With the support of ICOMOS US, the French Embassy in Iraq and the Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage – Erbil, Archaïos held a two-week photogrammetry training in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. This training was part of the courses that Archaïos and the MAFGS (French Archaeological Mission of the Governorate of Soulaimaniah) organised in Paris, in coordination with the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Iraq, the National Museum of Natural History of Paris, the ED 112 – doctoral school – at the University Paris 1.
In November 2019, eight archaeologists were trained through the whole process of photogrammetry practice. Using and setting a camera, flying a drone properly, computing and cleaning data and even models publication on the internet were part of the courses.


Technical and logistical organisation :
Brian M. Lione (ICOMOS US)
Jessica Giraud ( Archaïos)
Photogrammetry Trainer :
Rémi Méreuze (doctorant — Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne)
Drone Trainer :
 Khalil Barzanjy (archéologue à la Direction des Antiquités du Gouvernorat d’Erbil)

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