historical investigation of al-ula old town -
multiscalar documentation for urban dynamics (muduD)

Saudi Arabia



The « Historical Investigation of AlUla Old Town — Multiscalar Documentation for Urban Dynamics » or MuDUD project, is a multiyear project coordinated and funded by AFALULA (Agence française pour le développement d’AlUla) in partnership with the RCU (Royal Commission for AlUla).
Implemented by Archaïos at the beginning of 2021 and led by Dr. Apolline Vernet, this research project wishes, through an innovative multidisciplinary approach, to apprehend the history of the Old Town of AlUla. Bringing together archaeologists, architects, geographers and historians, the MuDUD project is based on the ability of the Humanities to analyze urban trends and dynamics to highlight the evolution of the Old Town and its various urban components throughout history.

Project Leader
Dr. Apolline Vernet (Archaïos)

Coordinatrice scientifique
Dr. Bénédicte Khan (Archaïos, Chercheuse associée à l’UMR 7041 (Archéologies et Sciences de l’Antiquité), au sein de l’équipe APOHR)

Coordinatrice logistique et administration
Dr. Nairusz Haidar-Vela (Archaïos)