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Training courses


January-February 2017 / November 2017

Archaïos is participating in the “Afghan Heritage Mapping Parternship” program of the Oriental Institute of Chicago. The program, funded by the U. S. Department of State and the U. S. Embassy in Kabul, aims to establish a database of Afghanistan’s archaeological sites based on the study of satellite imagery.

Archaïos is training about 20 Afghan archaeologists in this project (from the National Institute of Archaeology, the National Museum of Kabul, the National Institute of Historic Monuments, Kabul University and the University of Bamyan) for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applied to archaeological data. This teaching is carried out in collaboration with the CAMEL laboratory of the Oriental Institute, which provides study materials, and the professors of the Department of GIS and Geodesy of the Kabul Polytechnic University (KPU) who teach courses in Dari, organized by Archaios.

Three sessions have taken place so far. The first one in October 2016 involved the training by Archaios of KPU professors in archaeological issues. The second session in January and February 2017, was dedicated to the ways of structuring a GIS project and how to use it with archaeological data. In the third session in November 2017 we completed the GIS training by setting up raster and vector analyses of archaeological data.


Links to project partners:


Project Director : Gil Stein (OI)
Field Director : Alejandro Gallero (OI)
GIS trainer : Dr. Jessica Giraud (Archaïos)
GIS KPU Professors : Pr. Anwar Saraj, Pr. Zaher Sultani, Sulaiman Fayez, Yaqoob Sultani, Noor Rahman Liqa, Najibullah Najib, Abdul Basir Azizi, Amin Safary, Maiwand R. Khehkai, Abdullah Naser, Liluma Yaqoubi, Hamida Hasas


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